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“Wasa is the place where genuine human connections are easily created…” 

This is how previous volunteers, Elena and Shuo, described the small Tanzanian village, Wasa, at our event on the 4th of December, during which Students for Humanity community gathered with the aim of discovering more about the Wasa project and gaining insights from volunteers.

Wasa’s magic lies in its profound sense of community. The central figure of this community is Baba, who plays both a religious and social role. The village’s symbol is Saint Joseph Technical School, where local students specialize in carpentry, masonry, and tailoring. The involvement of volunteers helps shape the community’s identity, whether they support Wasa from Milan or decide to integrate the local team. 

“Students for Humanity” oversees the project, focusing on four pillars throughout the year: education, health, agriculture, and infrastructure improvement. The educational initiative ensures basic education and facilitates entering the job market. Health services are extended to the students, and efforts toward water and food self-sufficiency are part of the agricultural project. Additionally, the renovation project ensures the safety of the village’s infrastructure. The comprehensive projects align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nation. Students for Humanity organizes fundraisers events, manages the costs, monitors the progress, and ensures the overall functionality of the projects.

Volunteers can spend a life-changing month during summer in Wasa. Their role would consist in teaching students English and Math while getting fully immersed in the life of the village. On top of this, volunteers are in charge of awarding the best student of the year with a full scholarship. “Best student” is a concept that goes beyond academic performance and involves evaluation qualities such as constancy, commitment and interest for the subject. 

As Elena and Shuo explained, Wasa is the place where core memories are formed. Initially, language barrier could be discouraging but this obstacle no longer seems insurmountable as the best way to connect is through dancing and playing together. Wasa helps re-discovering human connections in their purest and most genuine form. 

Upon returning Milan, volunteers often find themselves nostalgic reflecting on their time in Wasa. Their experience becomes a valuable lesson, reshaping their perspective on daily life matters. Elena revealed that her return to Italy marked a shift in meaning for various aspects of her life. Specifically, she reassessed the importance of authentic relationships, recognizing them as the ones that hold the most significant ones.

What are you waiting for? Now it is your time: you can be the next volunteer to embark on this adventure! Make sure not to miss out on this opportunity: the first round of applications will take place in early spring 2023.

For now, you can take part in the Christmas Wishlist initiative. This project consists in choosing from a long list of items including a bunk bed, sewing machine, a mattress and a school kit to donate to one of the students of Wasa. In this way, you are offering an appreciated and long-lasting present. You can already make a heartwarming gesture; take part in our meaningful mission!

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